Doug Broering


Doug Broering

Human Resource & Finance Manager


Doug is the second youngest of five children and was raised on a grain and livestock farm in Mercer County. He is a graduate of Wright State University and graduated from Coldwater High School. He and his wife, Jacqui, raise their 2 boys and 2 girls in rural Coldwater.

Favorite food: Hamburgers and chocolate pie
People he admires: Military and people who innovate
Favorite movie(s): Gladiator, Dumb + Dumber, Mama Mia
Preferred music: ABBA, Queen, Country Music
Favorite college or professional team(s): Buckeyes, Cowboys, Reds
Vacation destination: Mountains or water, preferably warm
Hobbies: Farming and welding projects
If I didn’t work in the therapy field, I would: be a Politician
Fun fact: Doug met his wife at country concert.