Neck & Back Pain: Stop Living in Temporary Pain Permanently

Injury and pain don’t discriminate and aren’t exclusive to the athletic and physically stressed worlds. An athlete can injure their intervertebral discs, those magical discs that provide cushioning between vertebrae and absorb pressure put on the spine, but so can jobs thought of as physically undemanding like those of office workers and truck drivers.

Inactivity Leads to Pain Just as Much as Over Activity

Sedentary lifestyles weaken intervertebral discs. If that sedentary lifestyle also includes smoking tobacco or excessive weight gain, then your odds of weakened discs are even higher, and so too are your odds of experiencing neck and back pain.

Neck and back pain cripple your ability to live life to the fullest. When pain is your permanent partner, you walk with shackles through life, and the weight of those shackles affects your life and those around you. Not only does pain inhibit your ability to accomplish tasks quickly, but pain also bullies positivity and patience into submission. You are not a martyr for walking through life with pain and doing nothing about it– you are a victim. Refuse to be a victim and a prisoner to your pain. 

Physical Therapy Answers the Call

Contact a creditable physical therapy office like Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness (PPTW), which is known for their expertise just as much as they’re known for their empathy and compassion. Your body is unique. No one feeds their body, pushes their body, and treats their body the same way. Since your body experiences life differently from any other body, you need a physical therapist office who sees you as an individual. 

PPTW physical therapists think outside of their office and make every effort to step into your world. By assessing their patient’s workspace environment, PPTW physical therapists often find several opportunities where a change in a patient’s day-to-day diminishes or even erases neck and back pain. 

Look for a physical therapy office that helps you throughout your journey to optimal wellness, not just at the start. As your recovery progresses, your physical therapist’s instructions and advised exercises often need to change as well. Strengthening, stretching, and adjusting parts of your life that weaken intervertebral discs are vital in relieving neck and back pain, and PPT is a place that knows how to guide you toward the exercises and changes that work best for you.

In summary: Stop living in temporary pain permanently.

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