Is A Referral Necessary For Physical Therapy?

One of the most common questions when it comes to physical therapy is whether or not you need a doctor’s referral to get treatment.

The answer? No! Except for Medicare, BWC or other federal funded insurance plans like the VA. 

So if you’re living with body pain simply because you don’t want to go to the doctor just to be told you need to turn around and go to physical therapy, you’re in luck!

Physical Therapy (Generally) Doesn’t Require a Referral, So Don’t Wait for One

The medical arena is known for being complicated. Sometimes you feel like you’re running in circles, and no one hears or sees you. Someone with more medical knowledge than yourself tells you something scary and follows that up with, ”you need to see someone else to learn more or start tackling the issue or concern.”

However, the beauty of physical therapy is that you don’t need to wait for a doctor’s referral before arriving at the doorstep of the place that can help you. Not having to wait for a referral means less time and money wasted and, most importantly, less time living with stress and pain.

When it comes to physical therapy, you drive the ship. If you feel imprisoned by the pain of your own body, follow the Monopoly Get Out Of Jail Free card and head straight to physical therapists like those at Performance  Physical Therapy & Wellness (PPTW) in Coldwater or Fort Recovery to break out of that pain. 

You know your body best, and you know when something doesn’t feel right with it. As soon as you know something isn’t right, it’s time to visit professionals that can help you get back to 100%. 

Remember: Physical therapy is self-care, which is another way to say self-love.

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