Don’t Be Afraid of Physical Therapy

An article entitled Top Reasons People Are Afraid To Go to Physical Therapy includes a spot-on list:

  1. People Are Afraid Physical Therapy Will Hurt
  2. People Are Afraid They Don’t Have Time for Physical Therapy
  3. People Are Afraid They Can’t Afford Physical Therapy
  4. People Are Afraid Physical Therapy Won’t Work
  5. People Are Afraid of Going to Physical Therapy Amidst the Pandemic

You Can Pay the Gardener Now or the Pharmacist Later

The keyword in both the article mentioned above and within each item on the above list is afraid.

It’s not uncommon to be afraid of the unknown. A small dose of hesitation often keeps you safe and helps you make sounder decisions than if your every impulse and knee-jerk thought and decision always won out. But here are two cents for your consideration regarding the above list, and it comes by way of an anonymous quote: You can pay the gardener now or the pharmacist later.

You have one body– one vessel in which to live. It makes sense that the care of your body should be a top priority. You spend money, time, and energy on your hair, even though you never keep any strand of hair forever. You plop down thousands of dollars for a vehicle, even though it won’t last your entire lifetime. You go on vacations, even though you can’t stay on them forever. Over and over again, you spend money on things that come and go. But when it comes to making sure your body works correctly and to the best of its ability, it’s not always as easy to spend the time, money, and energy.

Afraid is an Emotion You Can Tame

When you think about the word afraid, it’s an emotional word. 

Afraid is an expression of anxiety, worry, and sometimes terror. Being afraid is not just something you can get over without effort. Suppose you agree that you should consider every opportunity to help your body achieve its greatest potential. How do you lessen or erase those feelings of being afraid of physical therapists? The answer: Communication and Empathy.

Just as you are not a mind reader, neither are physical therapists. Have the courage to say what you’re feeling. Like Performance Physical Therapy & Wellness (Performance), physical therapy offices are staffed with certified and empathetic physical therapists. If you’re worried about payment, Performance wants to know. If you’re concerned about pain, Performance will talk you through it. If you’ve never been to a physical therapist’s office and need help calming your nerves before you even start your first exercise, Performance is happy to talk with you.

Your Body is Worth Your Time

You have one body, and it’s worth maintaining. If you don’t invest time, money, and energy now, you’ll be forced to invest all three of those when your body no longer operates as you prefer. And being forced to do something is seldom as easy, financially or otherwise.

Let credible, approachable, and empathetic physical therapists, like those at Performance, lessen your fears of physical therapy, so you start living your best life now.

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