Experience what Professional and CrossFit athletes are using to get stronger…faster !

NEUBIE® Therapy

Life shouldn’t be spent counting down the minutes until your next dosage of pain medicine. But when someone is recovering from injury, surgery, chronic pain, or neurological challenges, pain often is the limiting factor in being able to do the normal daily activities you take for granted.

Enter NEUBIE® (Neuro-Bio-Electric Stimulator)

The NEUBIE® is revolutionizing the way electrical stimulation is used for neuromuscular re-education, increasing blood flow, maintaining and increasing range of motion, reducing spasms, preventing blood clots after surgery, preventing atrophy, managing pain, and relieving pain. By targeting  the nervous system, the NEUBIE can have a dramatic effect on the rate of recovery and getting you back to doing the things you enjoy. 

Traditional electrical stimulation (TENS, Russian Stim, Interferential, etc.) uses alternating current (AC) that, when turned up high enough, can hinder the body’s natural healing process, contribute to the cycle of chronic pain, and reduce mobility and movement efficiency. In addition, a TENS unit is merely “electronic aspirin”. It may help you feel better temporarily but it is not fixing the underlying problem. However, the NEUBIE® combines two waveforms that allow it to harness the benefits of direct current (DC) on healing tissue and the nervous system resulting in improving your condition. By utilizing direct current, NEUBIE® can positively affect reflex patterns, brain activity, muscle output, and pain.

Why all the fuss about NEUBIE®?

For starters, it allows for the introduction of safe, eccentric contractions earlier on in the rehabilitation processes, which help teach the body to decelerate safely and, during the healing process after an injury, to regrow tissue along the appropriate lines of force. This leads to better quality tissue and less scar tissue.

As if this isn’t already enough to tip your hat to the wonders of NEUBIE®, users typically experience higher parasympathetic nervous system tone and greater heart rate variability than those utilizing traditional alternating current devices, which allows NEUBIE® to help put the body into a state in which it can recover more effectively.

The bottom line is that we only get one body in which to live out our lives, so it’s important to care for it as best we can so we live as well as we can. NEUBIE® is more than just a ground-breaking part of the NeuFit® Treatment System that continues to blow the traditional electrical stimulation devices out of the water with its use of direct current electrical stimulation… it’s an opportunity to recover from physical challenges at an incredibly fast pace and in some cases, return to an even better state than before physical challenges engulfed one’s world.