Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFR)

Experience what Professional and CrossFit athletes are using to get stronger…faster !

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFR)

We offer a innovative exercise approach to speed your recovery.  The use of BFR has allowed us to offer an alternative way to strengthen weak muscles without the normal stress to joints.

How does BFR work?

BFR is performed with a medical grade, FDA-approved tourniquet that is placed on the upper arm or thigh.  This computerized tourniquet establishes the minimal amount of pressure it takes to restrict blood flow.  The minimal pressure is called your Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP).  This pressure is regulated and monitored continuously for patient comfort and safety.  The cuff accounts for different variables, such as your systolic blood pressure, cuff design, cuff application, limb size, limb shape and tissue at the cuff site.  All these features ensure that your pressure stays consistent and safe.  Once your individual LOP is established, the actual treatment can begin.  Your Personal Tourniquet Pressure (PTP) is established by restricting 80% of blood flow to the leg or 50% to the arm.  Each patient is monitored on a regular basis.

By restricting blood flow to a limb, the muscles aren’t required to work as hard in order to strengthen.  Using BFR, patients who used to be limited by the body’s natural healing process, can start strengthening earlier.