Physical Therapists Ward Off Osteoporosis

You’ve likely heard a disclaimer line similar to the following: Before starting a fitness routine, consult your doctor. For those who’ve done that, you know that doctors often mention a conversation with a physical therapist as your next step. Why is a physical therapist key to receiving the thumbs up for new fitness endeavors, you […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Physical Therapy

An article entitled Top Reasons People Are Afraid To Go to Physical Therapy includes a spot-on list: People Are Afraid Physical Therapy Will Hurt People Are Afraid They Don’t Have Time for Physical Therapy People Are Afraid They Can’t Afford Physical Therapy People Are Afraid Physical Therapy Won’t Work People Are Afraid of Going to […]

Why Aren’t You Investing In Your Health With Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists (PTs) are known by many as “the movement specialists.” PTs study how the body moves and functions. PTs are specialists in the body, both how it works and what to do when the body doesn’t function ideally. Although thoughts of prescribed exercises shoot to the forefront of most people’s minds when PTs are […]

Back Pain: Hurting Bodies, Businesses, & Costing Billions

Lower back pain strikes 85-90% of Americans at some point. It is the leading diagnosis in countless physical therapy offices and “is also the leading cause of lost time at work, and billions of dollars are spent each year diagnosing and treating low back pain.” What do all of these statistics mean? Plain and simple: […]

To Relieve the Pain Near Your Knee, Visit PPT

You received the secret to healthy knees before you learned how to tie your shoes, and you can thank The Delta Rhythm Boys and their song Dry Bones for that. As the song goes: Your leg bone connected to your knee bone                                     Your knee bone connected to your thigh bone                                     Your thigh bone […]

Serena, John Henry, & Michael Phelps: Tennis Elbow Targets

Hammer hang-up. The Golf Chip.  Swimmer’s Sacrifice.  The above phrases are just as reasonable to use as a nickname for lateral epicondylitis (LE) as the one the world uses– tennis elbow. It is unfair that tennis elbow is exclusively the nickname of LE. That phrase diminishes LE’s far-reaching tentacles of pain and the number of […]