I want to start running but I am not sure what kind of shoe to buy. Do you have any suggestions?

Purchasing the best fitting athletic shoe is an investment in your health.  There has been a huge advancement in the design and function of shoes.  The type of shoe you need is dependent on your body type, bone structure, and the activity that you are going to be engaged in.  Most people fall into the category of “over pronator” or otherwise known as having a flat foot, which generally requires some degree of arch support. A small percentage of people have a more rigid foot and will need more cushioning to absorb impact.  Both of these foot types will have a much less incidence of repetitive stress injuries such as plantar fasciitis or shin splints if fitted with a shoe that is specific to your individual foot type. To get an idea of which type of shoe is appropriate for your specific needs, we suggest you be fitted by a trained professional.