A stem cell injection results in a micro injury to the part of the body that receives the shot.  Consequently, you may feel a degree of soreness as well as discomfort.  However, there are several things you can do to speed up your recovery and ensure that the affected area is healing properly.

As part of our treatment plan, your therapist will let you known how soon you can start performing certain activities as well as the intensity of those activities.  You will also be instructed regarding which medications you can take and what to do when the pain gets worse.

General guidelines after post stem cell injection:
Limit your activities during the first few days.  This is especially necessary for stem cell injections to the joints.  In addition to reducing your activity level, you should also take as much weight off the affected area as possible.
Gradually increase your activity level and the intensity of the activity week by week using your pain threshold as guide.  It is also important to consult your therapist for advice.
Inflammation is common after stem cell injections. You can tell if the pain you’re feeling is from inflammation if it is burning, sharp nerve pain.  However, taking ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory medications during the first three months can inhibit the body’s healing process. Thus, the best way to deal with inflammation during the first two weeks after the procedure is to apply an ice pack on the area. Ask your doctor for advice if you feel taking medications for your pain is necessary.

Seven weeks after a stem cell injection, most patients are able to return to their normal activities as well as exercise routine. Nonetheless, it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for your stem cells to achieve optimal healing.  To help your body in the process, you need to maintain regular exercise and get proper nutrition.  This also means you need to cut back on alcohol consumption, smoking, and other lifestyle habits that negatively impact your overall health.

You should also call your doctor if you experience excessive fevers, swelling, chills, as well as redness, pus, or hardness at the injection site.
Pain from a stem cell procedure typically lasts from 1-3 weeks.  If you still experience pain after this period, contact your doctor.
While rest is essential during the recovery period, you also need to do light exercises to strengthen your core and to stabilize your joints, which will lead to improved mobility and increased strength that can prevent injury and pain.  Immediately after the procedure, consult your physical therapist for the appropriate core and joint exercises for every stage of your recovery.  Make sure you follow your therapist’s advice especially when it comes to performing self-exercises.
To aid in the healing process, walking is a good non-impact exercise during the first 4-6 weeks following the procedure to help stimulate blood and oxygen flow to the affected area. However, if you received stem cell injections to your knees, ask your therapist for advice before doing some walking exercises or any other form of workout, no matter how low-impact it may be.

During the first 12 weeks of recovery, it is best to avoid drinking alcohol as it can adversely affect stem cell function.

We offer our patients the necessary post stem cell rehabilitation program designed to make recovery as smooth and as fast as possible.