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What To Expect

hip ankle therapyFirst Visit:  Depending on your diagnosis, you may be asked to change into a pair of shorts or gown.  Your therapist will do a thorough examination, testing your strength and how well you move.  If needed, a series of assessments will be completed.  This will help narrow down where your specific issue exists.  After reviewing your past medical history and completing an initial evaluation, a specific plan of care will be developed.  In addition to the evaluation, treatment may begin.  

Follow up Visits:  Typically you will be seen for further treatment after the initial evaluation.  The length of treatment varies.  Regardless of the number of visits needed, all patients are scheduled for up to one hour of treatment for each appointment. 

Insurance:  We will process all of your insurance claims whether you are in or out-of-Network.  Currently, United Healthcare is the only network that we do not participate in.  However, due to our low fee schedule, the portion you owe may be lower than a higher priced in-network provider.

  • We are also a certified provider for the Ohio BWC (Bureau of Workers’ Compensation).

Note:  For those who have a high deductible or who are out-of-network, we can work out a fee schedule.

New Patient Forms can be completed at our office or can be printed by clicking below.

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