Have you ever wondered what causes Tight “Knotty” Muscles??

A popular theory is that stress to a muscle causes the blood flow to decrease causing naturally occurring waste products which are high in acid to accumulate in small areas of muscle.  The muscle will then tighten up and low and behold a knot forms!  This knot may get bigger and not even hurt at first but in time can cause you problems. In the therapy world, this is called a Trigger point.

So, we know almost everyone has pain Trigger Points. Some are painful to touch but they don’t cause much trouble. These are what we call Latent Trigger Point. This just means the muscle may be tight and weak but not necessarily painful. Everyone knows when they have an Active Trigger Point!  This is a painful muscle that may be in spasm and has gotten progressively weaker. Unless the pain cycle is broken it is very difficult to strengthen a muscle with a painful Active Trigger Point. This weak muscle just can’t do what is was designed to do!

Everyone puts up with a certain amount of pain every day.  This is life.  But has your pain gotten to the point where it has stopped you from doing the things you need and love to do? Does it prevent you from being able to relax without pain?

That’s where we come in!! We can help! Not only with the pain but we can teach you why you got it and how to keep it from coming back!

Does decreasing dependence on pain meds and  just feeling better sound good to you?

Call us if you have ANY questions! We would love to hear from you! We truly love getting people back to the things they love to do!!